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| affront gegen die digitale dialektik des alltags |

Posted: Februar 3rd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: image | No Comments »

oder: “we might be wrong, we might be wrong, we might be wrong and everything doesn’t mean anything at all.” (züri |sophie hunger)

(sf. |

what if avantgarde dissolves into megastreams of circular nothing? what if all colors, all motions, all
options might be bound to wireless bits of decision, not in our hands, but in virtual spaces? our life
chronicles can be shut down, our pictures switched off. hd in disguise. what if one day all nanoparticles
do not combine to frame a picture?
it seems a harmless though in a digital room, in a digital world..

anti-materialism does not equal digitalism! consciousness does not equal anti-digitalism. be sure of that.