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| between sense and nonsense (i) – seven questions to.. alex canasta |

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welcome to a new off-journal series. writing about music is one thing, but how about letting bands speak for themselves? first in row a wonderful danish pop-band called “alex canasta”. i happened to listen to their songs and especially “let it out” caught my ears, including every song on their album “reborn tonight”. line’s voice is clear, the instrumental sound is dense and the lyrics are worth listening to..

why does your band exist?  we can´t live without each other, and we can´t live without the music that appears when we´re together. 10 years is a long time hanging out with the same guys…that´s probably why i live with one of them.

one of your songs is called „let it out”– what do you want to let out?  all and everything in between. nothing is sacred though everything is. it sounds a bit confusing, but we totally get it. a typical alex canasta-dogma.

revolution is, when.. 10 years, 2 albums; if you want to make a revolution a keyword is certainly patience. if you´re able to control your impatience of reaching your goals, keep on believing and don´t compromise someday the revolution will happen. my revolution was learning to accept the fact that alex canasta are the slowliest producing band in the world. as i once said, there have to be time and space if you want things to evolve. that´s an “alex canasta”-fact.

i’d love to be in concert with..bruce springsteen on guitar, fiona apple on piano, lykke li on drums, leonard cohen on bass, ellie golding as my private dancer and kate bush doing the percussion-parts.

the best moment in your band life so far..the making of everything concerning safe inside: music, lyrics, videos and pictures and just knowing that we´re doing it together.

the greatest disaster.. that the poles are melting, and when simon is refusing to play a gig with us because of a big band tour..

i have no power to.. control nikolaj´s smart-ass-comments, my own temper and simon´s jazz guitar.


Alex Canasta

alex canasta line-up:
line on vocals & other music equipment
nikolaj on drums and other music equipment
simon on guitar and other music equipment

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